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So Far From Dixie: Confederates in Yankee Prisons

So Far from Dixie is the gripping tale of five men who were sent to New York's infamous POW camp, Elmira, and survived to document their stories. Berry Benson promised that he would escape the prison under honorable circumstances. Anthony Keiley charmed Union authorities into giving him a job at Elmira--and later became mayor of Richmond, Virginia. [ more ]


Indian Country, God's Country: Native Americans and the National Parks

The mythology of "gifted land" is strong in the National Park Service. But some of our greatest parks were "gifted" by people who had little choice in the matter. Places like the Grand Canyon, Glacier, and Mesa Verde had to be bought, finagled, leveraged--or taken by force--when Indian occupants resisted government pressure. [ more ]

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How the Other Half Lived: A People's Guide to American Historic Sites

From Mount Vernon to the Alamo, from Plimoth Plantation to the Little Bighorn, telling American history is a big business. Many Americans, in fact, get their only historical information at public parks, homes, and monuments across the country. And while they may learn about George Washington or George Armstrong Custer along the way, the millions of slaves, servants, native people, and immigrant laborers who built much of America have become almost invisible in the public eye. [ more ]

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